BIO30 New Zealand Propolis

This website provides information on BIO30 New Zealand Propolis including its properties, traditional use and scientific findings.

Sourced by bees from New Zealand's native plants in remote pristine areas, BIO30 New Zealand Propolis was found by researchers to contain particularly high levels of the active bioflavonoids and caffeic acid phenethyl ester (CAPE) responsible for the unique activity of propolis, compared to bee propolis of other origins.

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BIO30 New Zealand Propolis contains high levels of CAPE and bioflavonoids, providing active immune support

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is propolis the same around the world?

A: No. The chemical components of propolis vary remarkably from country to country, and even between different locations within each country. The variability of propolis is due to the plants that the bees gather resin from. Initially, this variability was a serious obstacle to the standardisation of propolis and its reliable therapeutic use.

However, studies based on propolis from particular locations (such as Professor Hiroshi Maruta's research on BIO30 Propolis from New Zealand) have led to findings based on the characteristics of particular propolis.

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