Why BIO30?

BIO30 Propolis is produced in New Zealand, where the unique environment produces propolis that has very high levels of important bioflavonoids and other active components (up to 6 times that of propolis from other countries). 

BIO30 Propolis is certified to contain at least 30 mg/g of bioflavonoids and the unique active caffeic acid phenethyl ester (CAPE), the active compounds responsible for the bioactive properties of propolis.

The high level of bioflavonoids and CAPE in BIO30 Propolis is thought to be due to the plants that bees gather the ingredients for their propolis from in New Zealand's remote and pristine environment. 

New Zealand is exposed to high levels of UV radiation, and it is theorised that native plants produce more of the protective bioflavonoids and CAPE as a protective measure.

Content of CAPE in Propolis Sample

The extraordinarily high level of CAPE in New Zealand propolis is of great interest to researchers around the world as the health benefits of this component become more widely known.


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